Recreational toy timeshare memberships for boats, jet skis, ATV, and snowmobiles

What is a recreational toy timeshare membership?  This allows you access to all of our tournament tow boats, sea-doo, waverunners, ATV’s, snowmobiles, accessories, instructors, and tow vehicles for a monthly, or pre paid membership fee.   There are several benefits to owning a membership which you do not receive when renting like; cleaning, delivery and pickup free within 25 miles of our location, up to three free accessories, and personal instruction how to operate all our equipment on location if needed.  You don’t have to worry about storage, maintenance, registration, cleaning, depreciation, and more; with a timeshare membership you get to use all our recreation equipment without the entire headache. This allows you access to the best recreational equipment available.   Toy timeshare memberships are perfect for those individuals, families, and businesses that enjoy frequent recreation in the outdoors.

Owning a toy timeshare membership with Invert Sports saves you about 10-15% off a regular rental price, depending on the package you choose.  We have 3 membership packages available which must be paid in full each year on the renewal date until the end of your contract.

Each of these memberships can be purchased in 2-5 year contracts.  Pricing below is for a 1 year point system which can be multiplied by the number of years you would like to own a timeshare membership.  Points can be used up to the ending date of the contract, or you may renew a contract which will carry over all your remaining points from your old contract.  There is no cap on the amount of points you may use in a year.  If all your points are used before the end of your contract, you may purchase more points.

V.I.P Membership: $16,500 (100 points)

Executive Membership: $8,250 (50 points)

Basic Membership: $4,125 (25 points)

Below we have listed the recreation equipment, and services you may use with your membership points.  Points listed are based on a 1 day use.

Toy Memberships

Toy Memberships

MasterCraft X-45               9 points

MasterCraft X-35               8 points

MasterCraft X-Star            6.5 points

MasterCraft X-30               7 points

MasterCraft X-15               6 points

MasterCraft X-2                 5 points


Timeshare Memberships

MasterCraft X-1                 4.5 points

Centurion warrior               4 points

1 Yamaha 1100 cc             1.25 point

1 Yamaha 1812 cc             2 points

Four Wheeler rental          2 point

Rhino Side by side            3 points

1 Snowmobile                   3 points

SUV Escalade                  4 points

Crew Cab Diesel              4 points

Instructor / Guide             1 point

Charter Captain                2 points


  • Receive $100.00 Off :
    Any four to six day set of jet ski rental or wakeboard boat rental. Receive $200.00 off any seven or more day’s boat or set of jet ski rentals.

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