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We are the official provider of high quality Utah Boat Rentals for water ski, surf boats and wakeboard boats on the market.  Enjoy our new speed boat rentals from MasterCraft at any lake in Utah or surrounding states.  We have rented these tournament wake boats almost two decades, and have found them to be the most reliable water sport boat rentals on the market, period!  These Utah boats rentals are built to take on any water condition and provide the largest surf waves.  We upgrade our wakeboard boat rentals regularly to give you the latest models making your extreme water sport adventures more advanced than ever before.  In all our wakeboard boat rentals we order the largest engine available in that model of boat allowing full boat speed, and performance.   We have eight different MasterCraft X-Series wakeboard / surf boat rental models in Utah.  Check out the specs, and options Utah Boat Rentals puts on each boat rental model we carry in Utah.

MasterCraft X-35 Speed Boat Rental:

Our Utah ski boat rental fleet has the amazing deep water hull MasterCraft X-35.  This water sport rental boat will easily seat up to 18 persons, water sport gear, and more room to spare.  The length of this power boat rental is 23’5” long not including the fiberglass swim platform, and 102” wide.  Carrying 60 gallons of fuel; this will last between 6-9 hours normal boat running conditions.  This boat rental is unique to any of our other MasterCraft models, because it has a very deep hull perfect for rough water days at any Utah lake.  It also allows the passenger’s seat to rotate facing forward.  This speed boat rental also has the pickle-fork bow creating a lot of room up front.  Waves do not come over the front bow as easily; sitting about ten inches higher than the X-45 or X-Star.  Here are a few of the options Utah Wakeboard Boat Rentals has on this competition boat rental; 8.1 liter 450 hp engine, tower lights and speakers, heater, shower, rear view mirror, V-dig control system with air temp, water temp, perfect pass, trim tab, bi-mini top, ballast tanks, iPod interface, fuel capacity, cooler, depth finder, tower with swiveling board racks, and clamps, and much more!

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MasterCraft X-Star Wakeboard Boat Rental:

The MasterCraft X-Star wakeboard boat rental is used in all the X-games competitions, and is generally the pro-wake boarders, and wake skaters choice.  The wake of the X-Star is dialed in at any boat speed, providing a perfect ramp for any trick attempted.  This is the Utah wakeboard boat rental for those generally wanting to wakeboard, or wake skate.  The MasterCraft X-Star is 22’3” not including the swim platform, and 100” wide with the pickle-fork seating in the bow; plus under the seat storage that will blow your mind!  The fuel tank is 53 gallons; seating capacity is 12 persons comfortably.  Check out some of the options we put on the X-Star boat rental; perfect pass, ballast systems, depth gauge, bi-mini top, air and water temp, tower lights and speakers, heater, shower, iPod hook-up, CD / stereo, and transom remote.

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New 2018 MasterCraft X-30 Ski Boat Rental:

Utah Boat Rentals has newer models of our MasterCraft X-30 recreation boats rentals.   This X-30 MasterCraft has the V-hull design which cuts through the rough water well, but doesn’t allow as much water to come over the bow.  This water sport boat rental allows up to 16 passengers and perfect storage for all your water toys.  The MasterCraft X-30 wakeboard boat rental is 22’5” long without the swim platform, and 102” wide.  This Utah boat rental stores 65 gallons of gas lasting 9-14 normal boat running hours.  Utah Boat Rental has upgraded to the 6.2 liter 400 hp monster engine in this all around ski boat rental.  Here are just a few of the options the X-30 speed boat rental offers; tower lights and speakers, ballast system, bi-mini top, perfect pass, cooler, heater, shower, depth finder, perfect pass, iPod interface, air and water temp gauge, trim tab, and much more!

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New 2018 MasterCraft NXT22 Surf Boat Rental:

Offering the new 14 passenger MasterCraft NXT22 surf boat rental.  This is where performance, comfort and style meet in a package that is perfect for the large groups who want a water sport boat perfect for any water sport.   At 22 feet and highly drive-able, its got room for more friends and family to wakeboard, kneeboard, tube, skate and surf.  Get in and get after it this summer with this new boat rental model from Invert Sports.  MasterCraft doesn’t do low end, so the NXT22 has billet aluminum, etched logo badges, a color screen, marine-grade foam and premium puncture-resistant vinyl.

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MasterCraft X-15 Surf Boat Rental:

We have added the MasterCraft X-15 wake surf boat with a seating capacity of  14 people.  This is our mid sized wakeboard boat rental with a 350 hp vortec engine from Indmar, and all the amazing new options only offered by Mastercraft boats.  Enjoy a bigger wave for all you wakesurfers with the new trim tab system on this boat rental; with a push of a button you control the wave for either side of the X-15.  This surf boat rental holds 45 gallons which will last 8-12 hours normal running time.  Just a few of the options we have placed on this boat include; perfect pass (cruise control), bi-mini top, shower, heater, surf tabs, iPod hook up, CD, Video player, trim tab, 3 ballast tanks, bilt in cooler, low profile trailer with blinged out rims, tower lights and speakers, and so much more!  This boat rental has a v-hull design which handles rough water well; plus the new video camera which allows you to plug and play right from the digital screen.

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New 2018 MasterCraft NXT20 Sport Boat Rental:

This is the new MasterCraft NXT20 boat rental series from Utah Boat Rentals which has all style water sport boat rental perfect for all size groups 11 people or under.  This is a value-class surf and wake maker that still fits any riding style whether it be surfing, wakeboarding, tubing, or water skiing.  The boat comes with GPS speed control, a digital screen, a built-in cooler, Gen2 surf system for the NXT series, bi- mini top, swim platform, tower speaker with USB and an all-around impressive fit and finish.

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MasterCraft X-2 Competition Boat Rental:

Enjoy the Mastercraft X2 boat rental to our fleet. This boat comes in small packages, but with seating up to 11 passengers comfortably; this is the right size boat for most groups. The powerful twenty foot boat rental allows for easy water sport towing and maneuverability. In the water, the newly redesigned X-2 is a beast with the power and premium technology that feel huge. Its high quality amplifies slalom runs, and the X2 keeps the energy levels peaking with legit wakes for boarders and wake surf seekers. This tournament boat adapts to any water sport your interested in perfecting. The innovative twin-tip bow acts as an observation lounge for your crew to lay out and enjoy the ride. All while concealing an unprecedented 76 cubic feet of storage space. Enjoy 45 gallons of fuel lasting approximately 8-10 hours and a 310 hp RTP 5.7 liter engine. This boat has tower speakers, iPod, CD player, perfect pass, trim tab, depth finder, three ballast tanks, bi mini top, and more!

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MasterCraft X-1 Power Boat Rental:

Our smallest MasterCraft X-Series boat rental the X-1 doesn’t compromise at all in term of the perfect wakeboard wake also giving the smallest ski wake out of all our MasterCraft boat rental models.  This cool speed boat rental is nice for our smaller groups seating up to 11 persons and rentable water toys.  The X-1 tournament ski boat is 20’7” long not including the teak swim platform, and 90” wide with wrap around seating.  The gas tank is 33 gallons ranging from 8-12 hours normal running time.  We put the powerful 5.7 liter RTP 310 hp engine from MasterCraft.  The options in the powerful MasterCraft X-1 boat rental in Utah include perfect pass, bi-mini top, ballast tanks, cruise control, iPod hookup, depth gauge, tower with board racks, air and temperature gauge, and more.

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