Wakeskate Lessons


Wakeskate Lessons

Utah Boat Rentals expert wakeskate team members can take you to the next level with our private Utah wakeskate lessons.  Utah wakeskate lessons are generally easier after you learned how to wakeboard and wakesurf.  Wakeskating is like a skateboard on water.  Utah wakeskate lessons are great for people who love skateboarding, and want more difficulty in a water sport.  Wakeskating will take more balance and patients than learning other water sports, but is well worth the time.  Its feels unusual not to have the board strapped to your feet while wake skating, and the board is a lot more squirrely than wakeboarding; which mean more crashes! The nice thing is; wrecks generally won’t hurt.  The perfect boat speed for beginners is between 15-19 mph; once you hit the intermediate and advanced stages the boat instructor will travel 19-25 mph on your Utah wakeskate lessons.

Have the boat slowly moving before you try to get up.  The pressure of the water is what will keep the wake skate on the bottom of your feet.  If the wake sport boat is at a complete stop, then the wakeskate will lie flat across the water. The ski boat should be going a little faster than you would with a wakeboard so you can get up before losing balance.  You need to try to get up while the boat is pulling you, however.  Instead of lying back and waiting for the boat to lift you up, try to pull yourself up a little with the wakeboard rope.

After you get up stay inside the wake, and adjust your feet on the wakeskate until your comfortable.  Then learning how to carve by bending your knees slightly, and leaning one way and then the other way on the board.  Once you feel comfortable on your Utah wakeskate lesson by carving within the wake, you can go over the wake by bending you knees as you cross.  From there it just takes time and practice.   We service all lakes in Utah, but some of our favorite to teach wakeskating lessons are Lake Powell, Bear Lake, Deer Creek Reservoir, Utah Lake State Park, East Canyon Reservoir, Hyrum Reservoir, Jordanelle Reservoir, Otter Creek, Quail Creek Reservoir, Red Fleet Reservoir, Rockport Reservoir, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Scofield Reservoir, Starvation Reservoir, Steinaker Reservoir, Willard Bay State Park, Yuba Reservoir, Pineview Reservoir, Flaming Gorge, Strawberry Reservoir, Electric Lake, Huntington Reservoir, Joe’s Valley Reservoir, Mona Reservoir, Navajo Lake, Piute Reservoir.

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